Welcome to Run Fit Run Fast!


Founded early in 2021 RunFitRunFast was born out of two friends’ passion for running and the desire to share our knowledge of everything we have learnt along the way with all runners.

We understand that everyone leads varied lives and we can all have very different running goals and needs. So our aim isn’t to make your running fit to a generic plan, nor should it be based on your coaches needs, we endeavour to have your running fit around you.

It does not matter if you are looking to run for the first time, get back into it after a while away or you are a seasoned race goer looking to shave those extra few seconds off that elusive PB. We are here to support all abilities and give you structure to your running whilst also being there to guide and nurture you along the path to achieve these goals.

We cannot wait to hear from you soon and joining you as part of your running journey!


Ben & Corin.


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