Run Groups


If you want to improve, run purely for the enjoyment, simply use running to keep fit or fancy running with others. We have the groups for you.  You may have signed up to a race as a challenge to yourself, but you want some structured sessions in an encouraging environment to add some speed, variation and interest to your training. 

These groups will help give you some structure and purpose to your training week, with qualified coaches on hand to offer advice and support at all times.

Group Run @ NLFitness

Open to all abilities. Improve your running in a fun & encouraging atmosphere. We start from  NL Fitness – Tavistock

Track Development Group

Are you looking to improve your running? This group session aim to develop your speed, technique and endurance.

Group Run @ Life Centre Plymouth

Our new run group launching in Feb 2022. Open to all apilities, improve your running in a fun & encouraging atmosphere, starting from the Life Centre in Plymouth.

Tavistock Breakfast Group

Every other Wednesday this is our newest group, giving everyone in Tavistock the option of 2 groups each week. We meet at 6am outside Meadowlands, Tavistock

Running Workshops

Workshops with experts to support all aspects of running. Aimed at all runners if they are looking for additional advice to support their running journey. Follow the link to see what we have coming up.


 If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us 

Get the time you want.