Run Fit



Aimed at those new to running or you are running purely for the enjoyment. Equally you may simply use running to keep fit or you have signed up to that first race as a challenge to yourself but aren’t sure on how to build up to the distance. 

Plans aren’t just for those who are experienced runners, structure can help us all enjoy our running more and can help us build up distance (and speed if wanted) bit by bit without overbearing the body and causing too much stress.

The most important thing to us is that your running fits to you and that you enjoy it. So we are always on hand to answer any questions, jargon bust and offer advice if you are completely new to running. 

We all had to start somewhere, but we are here to help you start whatever journey you are on and use our experience.


1 - 2 - 1

These sessions can be a one off or a regular commitment to help keep you on track and help you achieve your goals.

Walking to 5km

A complete 12 week program for those who want to get into the sport with a personalised plan to fit around their busy lives.

Running Fitness

4/8/12 week plan for those who wants to improve their fitness through running, to stay in shape and feel good about yourself.

Base Training

4 /8 week plan with the aim of building your running endurance, helping you go further on  your workouts over a period of time.


If you are unsure which plan may fit best to you or if have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us

Get the time you want.