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This can be a 8/12/16 week package, and will help you achieve your 5km or 10km goals. Whether this is getting a PB or putting in some speed work and structure to make your run sessions more interesting, providing you with the support you need to improve. We will look at your strengths and weaknesses, plus any flaws in your technique and put in processes to help you improve.

This plan is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their 5km/10km running with a focus of a race or time trial at the end. We have experience with 15 minute and 35 minute 5km runners so we really can cater for everyone. Each plan will generally consist of three key sessions a week, with some added strength and conditioning/mobility/plyometrics work, if required.

After receiving your payment, you will receive a welcome email and a questionnaire regarding your running history/aims so we can get the ball rolling!

We will provide:
– A complete plan for 8/12/16 weeks
– Training monitored via Strava
– Communication via WhatsApp/text/email
– Training plan adjustment if required
– Weekly check in phone call (if wanted)

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