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Group Run – NLFitness

Group Run – NLFitness


Post Summer our run group will resume on the 18th September from NL Fitness, all you need to do is sign up and we ll help you on your running journey.

Set up post-lockdown in April 2021 this run group runs from NLFitness in Tavistock. This Run Group is open to all abilities and look to apply structured and progressive training to help build confidence and improve your running. Each session is designed by fully qualified England Athletics coach Ben Neale, we will help improve your running technique, speed and endurance in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.

The group leaves every Saturday at 8:30am from NL Fitness, we will then head out and complete the session around Tavistock. The group is suitable for all abilities, and offers the opportunity to run with others in a supportive and encouraging environment.

You can sign up for sessions on a week-by-week basis or you can block book for all sessions from 18th September to 18th December.

Following current EA/government guidelines and you must be over 12 years old.

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