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Injury Return Block

Injury Return Block


This 4-week block has been put together with support of running specialist and Chartered Physiotherapist, James Armstrong Physio.

It has been designed to support you back into running after an injury or in fact any prolonged time off from the sport. It aims to build up your aerobic capacity and allow your body to adapt back into running, it will also give you the best chance of remaining not just injury free but resistant to any future injuries. After this block you will be ready to attack further run plans with confidence and trust in the fact your body is ready! It is also a useful block to put in before other plans to work on endurance if you feel this is your weakness.

After receiving your payment, you will receive a welcome email and a questionnaire covering your running and injury history, and any aims or goals you may have so we can get the ball rolling!

We will provide:
– A complete plan for 4weeks
– Training monitored via Strava
– Communication via WhatsApp/text/email
– Training plan adjustment if required
– Weekly check in phone call (if wanted)
– Confidence that it is backed by a Chartered Physiotherapist