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Marathon Plan

Marathon Plan


Marathon Plan/Sub 3 Plans

Being the event it is, we feel you will need longer to prepare for a marathon, we offer a 16/20/24 week packages. We are able to offer plans for the first time marathoner all the way up to the championship runners, giving you all the support you along the way.  We will look at your strengths and weaknesses, plus any flaws in your technique and put in processes to help you improve whilst staying injury resistant throughout training.  

The Marathon plans will mainly work on your endurance, but not ignore the specific speed work required for the Marathon over 3 key sessions a week plus easy runs to fit around your lifestyle. There will also be some simple S and C/plyometric/mobility work where required. Running the marathon is a big commitment but let us take some of the stress away and allow us make a plan that will work for you.

After receiving your payment, you will receive a welcome email and a questionnaire regarding your running history/aims so we can get the ball rolling!

We will provide:

– A complete plan for 16/20/24 weeks 

– Training monitored via Strava

– Communication via WhatsApp/text/email

– Training plan adjustment if required

– Weekly check in phone call (if wanted)

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